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Israel and the Palestinians

If you look to the right of this blog, you will see that Richard Avalon Jr.and we exchanged some tweets concerning the relationship between the Israelis and Palestinians. The essence of the discussion is, who’s land is whoses? The problem with this issue is that it can never be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Think about it. Is America going to turn the continent back to the American Indian Nations? Which of the nations and what was their territorial boundaries?

Do we turn California back to Mexico and lose a chunk of America’s western border?

Of course not.

The relevant question should be, how do we help the Palestinians grow into a successful nation?

The Arab nations do nothing to help. Their focus is to use the Palestinians as the tip of their sword to destroy Israel.

Do the Arab nations help the Palestinians with real economic development? No.

Do the Arab nations help the Palestinians build a real educational system so that the Palestinian children can learn that life is to live while death is just an inevitability rather than something to strive for? No.

Do we remember that it was first the Jordanians and then the Lebanese that expelled them from their lands? No.

In reality, the Israelis and Palestinians should be natural partners. Israel is an economic powerhouse. The Palestinians should leverage the Israelis technology, money etc to become a successful nation and help its people.

The West Bank, which does not engage in violent activities like Gaza, is much more successful economically than Gaza. Violence does not lead to economic security or happiness. Good relations do.

Israel is encircled by hostile nations bent on their destruction. The Palestinians are trapped in a never ending cycle of violence and hostility; even among themselves.

Edwin Starr sang the truth, “War, (yeah), what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.”

It is time to follow the advice of the Youngbloods-



Everyone is on the Republicans, media, polls and the Democrats. As we said previously, the issue is not the party, it is the leaders. Agree or disagree, it is the Republican leaders who are making the headlines, Christie, Paul, Rubio etc. And the headlines are mostly positive. With all of the Democratic retirements in the Senate, Democratic hubris should be avoided.

So many are stating that the U.S. should engage with the North Korean government (The Young Un) to calm it down, but those same people forget that everytime we engage, negotiations go nowhere and their nuclear program continues apace. The more they yell, the more we should ignore them publicly while preparing our response in case they initiate a military action against us or our allies. This will probably pass.

Once again, our leaders do nothing about assault weapons; weapons of war used on American citizens. Shame.

We watched “Tombstone” again this weekend. Whether you like westerns or not, this movie is great. Strong action, music that fits the action perfectly, and incredible acting. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, wow. And Merle, (Michael Rooker in “The Walking Dead”) lives.


TRT- What is Reality? and more.

Google glasses. They sound great and look cool. What do they do? They keep a steady stream of information flowing directly to one’s eyes.

Is this reality?

Who determines what information is delivered? Can the wearer of the glasses control the input? Can the provider of the information control, or at least influence, what is seen?

Can it become habit forming? Can a dependency arise?

What becomes of the truth? Is it the information you see delivered by the glasses or is it what you see in front of you without the glasses?

As we become more interconnected with the glasses, we will lose our individuality and our understanding of ourselves as one among many. What will reality be then?

And remember, the glasses say “smile.”


The AT&T ads with the adult surrounded by the kids are great. The kids explain why more is better, and the adult plays along. Very funny and very good. Kids are great in ads.


It is still chilly here in the east, but you can feel the spring coming. In the afternoon, things warm up and people take off their coats (and get sick).

The sun stays out longer, and people want to go outside.

In that we had a warm winter but now a chilly March, plants are not budding, but the cherry blossoms should be blooming soon.

And the allergies will be acting up.

Bring it on.


Quick Update- Killer Drones Over America

Attorney General Holder and the administration quickly backed away from its position that it could use drones to attack civilians here in America.

What took so long and why did it take Senator Rand Paul to bring this issue to a head?

It does not matter.

Now the discussion of the use of drones in America’s skies has been initiated, and we do not believe it is going away. It may not stay on everyone’s lips as the news cycle spins, but it has real staying power.

The issue is too important not to
be dealt with.

It is about time.


Killer Drones Over America

Yesterday, the Attorney General stated that there could be circumstances where a drone could be used to to eliminate someone in America.

Amazingly, except for some news reports and and a few complaints, no outrage emanated from American citizens.

Think about this. The chief law enforcement officer of this country forsees a situation in which the killing power of drones could be used on American soil?

What if they miss and kill innocent civilians? Just collateral damage?

What if the person or people they target are innocent? What are the extreme circumstances that are envisioned?

Has American soil become Afghanistan or Pakistan or North Africa?

And the President says nothing? Why didn’t he say this during the defense debate with Mr. Romney? With so many people watching, one can believe there would have been outrage then. Does he agree or disagree with his attorney general?

Drones are presently piloted by people on the ground. Would these “pilots” be FBI, CIA or Homeland Security operatives?

What happens when drones are no longer directed by people but by computers? One mistake in code could lead to a disaster. Will people care then?

Doesn’t this remind us of what is happening in Syria? The butcher Assad is using his air force to kill his own people. Death and destruction from above.

Of course, some will say we are different and this is different. How can that be? Possibly raining death from the skies on American soil?

No difference at all.

And the President and the nation is silent.




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